Dog Safety Car Belt

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Now, it is possible to take your pet with you on a car ride without having to worry!

Your ride will be safe, comfortable and distraction-free,

with our new Dog Safety Car Belt!


The Dog Safety Car Belt is perfect for a ride or a long trip, it easily attaches your pet harness to your car.

It keeps your pet in one place, preventing him from jumping on your lap or under your legs.

Safe for them, safe for you!



- Durable and strong nylon material

- Solid metal snaps and buckles

- Long lasting

- Ideal for gifts

- Different colors to choose from

- Standard size

- Good for 5 to 20Kg



- Drive safe from distractions

- Your pet will feel more secure 

- Protection 


Note: It is recommended to use it with a harness, not just with a collar!


Drive safe with the Dog Safety Car Belt!

Order yours today!