MagicCurler™ - No Heat Hair Curler

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Now you can curl your hair with no heat and no damages! Have a beautiful natural curly hair with our new MagicCurler™ - No Heat Hair Curler!


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MagicCurler™  is the perfect tool to curl or wave your hair in a natural and easy way, with no harm done to your hair! No electricity needed!

Just roll a small amount of hair around them, keep the curlers on and wait around half an hour only! You will be amazed by the results! A natural curly hair is possible to have with no pain or harm

With MagicCurler™, no need for pins or clips! No heat, no electricity and no damages to your hair!


  • High-quality material: High quality medical-grade soft silicone, hypoallergenic, odorless and non-slip.
  • Safe and soft: Since they are made of high quality soft silicone, so they cause no harm for your healthy hair. No pins, clips, electricity or heat required, this hair rollers can grasp you hair tightly, and cover your hair totally, to create beautiful natural beach wave style.
  • Suitable for any hair textures: It is very comfortable for using so that you can keep the curling style for a long time.
  • Washable and light-weight: Very easy to clean and store, they can be reused for many times as they are so practical and economical.

How to use:

-Use it when your hair is between dry and wet. After a shower, dry your hair with towel until there is no water drop. 

The package includes:

10x MagicCurler™ - No Heat Hair Curler (Blue or Pink).

No more need for iron curlers to have a beautiful curly hair! Order your MagicCurler™ today!