CoverUp - Elastic Chair Covers

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No more need to change your chairs to give a new look to your dining room! No more need to worry about stains on your fabric! With CoverUp you will have a new design in no time!

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Are you thinking it's time to change your dining room's style? Or maybe you have a special occasion and want something different? Don't look further, CoverUp allows you to have a new fabric design easily, fast and in a simple way, just cover your chair and get a new style!

The CoverUp - Elastic Chair Covers are specially designed with a high quality material that protects your chairs from stains, scratches and bumps and give it at the same time, a fresh and new look !



  • High quality, anti bacterial material.
  • Machine washable and anti wrinkle.
  • Perfect for every day or special occasion.
  • Very easy to install.
  • 10 different designs to choose from.


The package includes:

1x CoverUp - Elastic Chair Cover 

Be ready to choose your favorite new dining room's look

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