Car Queen Eyelashes

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Your car deserves the best!

It's time to give it a personality!  


To personalize and add an original and charming style to your car's headlamps, we have the solution!

These Car Queen Eyelashes are the trendy product that you need right now

Surprise your friends and family with the Car Queen Eyelashes! 

These two stickers will make your car more elegant and customized.



  • Very easy to install: just glue them over your headlamps
  • Convenient: once installed, you can remove them as you want, and these stickers DO NOT damage at all the paint of your car
  • Flexible: the shape of these eyelashes can be adapted to suit your headlamps
  • Rainproof: as a precaution, we recommend to wait 24 hours after installing the eyelashes, to be able to wash your car as you want


How to install them?

  1. Clean thoroughly the surface and remove dust and oils from where you are going to stick the eyelashes; wait until it dries
  2. Heat the place of the glue in the eyelashes with your hair dryer or another tool
  3. Attach eyelashes to your headlamps
  4. Press hard on the lashes and be careful not to wash your car for the next 24 hours  


The package includes:

1x Set containing 2 Car Queen Eyelashes  



These eyelashes will give life to your car!

 Order them now!