Back up Memory for iPhone

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Free up space from your iPhone fastly and easily!

With the Back up Memory, you will have the capacity you need for the special moments!


No more full memory when taking a picture! In the precise moment when you do click, the sign full memory pops out!

With the Back up Memory for Iphone, you will be able to take any picture or video you want and save any files you need!

In no time, you can share them or just send them back to your Mac or PC.

No more memory stress!



- Low power consumption

- Compatible with IOS 8 and Windows

- Suitable for most iPhone models, starting with the iPhone 5

- Secure file encryption for private files

- 2 Connectors: 

  • 1 that works with most cases
  • A USB 3.0 connector to plug into your Mac or PC



- Transfer all your pictures in no time

- Free up space easy and fast

- Share your special moments

- Lightweight for travelling

- Back up automatically, no need to do it manually

- Work with most cases



No excuses not to take that picture!

Order your Back up Memory for iPhone now!