WonderWood™- Home Wood Burning Set

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Now it's time to explore your creative mind and discover your possibilities! The new WonderWood™- Home Wood Burning Set will let your creativity bloom!

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WonderWood™- Home Wood Burning Set is the perfect tool to start your creative home decorating projects or even professional projects.

Every time you need to create a new wood craft, WonderWood™ will be your companion, with its different stencils that will guide you to create your own masterpiece.

Thanks to its ergonomic design and comfortable and steady grip, you will be ready to spend long hours in your creation. With no interruption form temperature or slippery grip problems. Let your creativity take you to the limits of what you can create!

WonderWood™ won't lose its burning capacity even after a long and deep carve, the temperature will stay the same.



  • Adjustable temperature according to your needs.
  • WonderWood™ includes a variety of stencils, add-ons and many other attachments.
  • Premium metal material.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Ergonomic and comfortable design.
  • Multi functional: it can be used for wood burning, soldering and leather burning
  • Suitable for anyone from beginners to advanced experts

The package includes:

1x WonderWood™- Home Wood Burning Set is composed of:

  • 1x Wood Burning Pen

  • 2x Wood Burning Tip

  • 1x Chiselled Tip

  • 10x Assorted Wood Carving Tip

  • 10x Assorted Wood Burning & Soldering Tips

  • 1x Hot Blade Chuck

  • 1x Blade

  • 1x Letters Stencil

  • 1x Number & Basic Symbols Stencil

It's time to make your ideas come true and master your skills! Order your WonderWood™ Kit Now!