4-blade Heat Powered Stove Fan

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Save firewood by distributing heat around the stove area thanks to this heat powered stove fan!

In winter, everyone is looking for the best way to heat their home. The only problem here is that a wood stove would require a huge amount of wood, which can cost a lot of money. This is where this 4-blade Heat Powered Stove Fan will come handy!


This fan operates at a low start-up temperature (around 50°C) which means your living space will get warmer in no time. Simply place our stove fan on top of your wood stove and feel the warm air circulate more throughout your room.


4-blade Heat Powered Stove Fan does not require any battery or external power! The heat from your wood stove is leaded through the base of the blower and converted to electricity which powers the blower motor. The fan slows down and stops automatically when the heat of the stove decreases below 50°C.

With a durable, wear-resistant black finish, this 4-blade stove fan not only looks neat, but it’s also built for daily use and long-term high performance.

It’s ideal for wood stoves in homes or narrow boats, and can also be used on stoves and hobs.


  • Heat Powered Stove Fan: Increases the efficiency of your freestanding stove or wood / log burner to generate heat economically and efficiently.
  • Self-powered: A thermoelectric module acts like a small generator to power the fan motor. No batteries or electricity required!
  • Save energy! Save our Planet: Tested and proven to save you up to 12% fuel with more efficient heat distribution from your woodstove. Improved hot air circulation translates into greater comfort and lower fuel consumption for your stove.
  • Automatically operates between 50 and 350°C: Self-regulating speed according to the room temperature. Circulates 150 to 180 CFM.
  • Black aluminum construction, extremely quiet, compact size, no installation required. Black aluminum construction with four large blades and carrying handle.


  • Material: aluminum
  • Overall size: 7.5 "x 6.7" (height*width)
  • Blade width: 3"
  • Base Size: 4.7 "x 2.4" (L*W)
  • Operating temperature range: 140F-662F(50℃ -350 ℃)
  • Net weight: 0.8 kg
  • Air flow: 170-190CFM
  • Noise: <25dB
  • Suitable for: log / wood / gas / pellet stoves
  • Speed: 1100 rpm
  • Number of blades: 4
  • Start temperature: 140°F / 60°C

The package includes:

1x 4-blade Heat Powered Stove Fan 

Improve your stove’s efficiency without spending money each time and surround yourself with cozy warmth to feel really HOME!

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