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Discover the world of virtual reality with this 3D Virtual Reality headset and let it take you to spectacular landscapes, alien worlds and fantastical fields!

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Imagine exploring the rough terrain of Mars or climbing Mount Everest from your home. Sounds interesting? Well, this is what 3D Virtual Reality Headset | Virtual -Tech brings to the table.

Virtual Reality is a world which feels almost real. Just like the real world, a person is able to look, move around and touch the objects in this virtual world. 


How do Virtual Reality headsets work?

The eyes of human and animals are located at different lateral positions on the head, resulting in two different images projected by retinas of the eyes. The difference is observed in the horizontal position of objects in the two images. So, the depth and 3D structure obtained by deriving both images from the eyes is known as Stereopsis. And the technique to enhance the illusion of 3D depth images by means of stereopsis is known as Stereoscopy.

The 3D Virtual Headset uses stereoscopy to create the 3D structural environment by feeding the image to both retinas of the eyes. 

The sensors in the headset track the movement of the head of the user and respond by shifting the picture according to the movement of your head. In this way, the picture follows your head positioning, making the experience a lot more realistic. An experience you won't want to end. 


 -120 degrees large field of view, you can use it as a movie player
- Immersive sound and 3D vision are integrated which provides an excellent experience.
- Support one key answering phone calls and volume controlling.
- Suitable for people within 0 - 800 degrees myopia, and 0 - 400 degree hyperopia.
- Adjustable pupil fit for different users.
- Very good in heat dissipation, it has an integrated fan so it prevents your smartphone from going hot
- Lightweight design for long time comfort, reduces eye fatigue.
- Adjustable headband adds no burden to your head.
- Built-in stretchable earphones, with soft memory foam for noise canceling.
- Suitable for Android, Ios or Micrososft smartphones

How to use it?

Setting up your phone with the 3D Virtual Reality Headset / Virtual- Tech is a very easy process.

Press down the front shield clasp, the shield rotates forward on the bottom hinge. Behind the shield you’ll find the 1.5mm headphone jack (on a stretchy cord), connect this to your phone then line up the split image on your phone to the centre line of the headset.

Close the front shield, a flexible arm holds your phone firmly against the inside of the headset. All you need to do now is put the Virtual Headset on.

Once it's turn on, you can adjust the lens until the picture becomes clear. On each side of the device are two silver cogs, rotate these to move the lens forwards and backwards. This movement is the diopter adjustment which will fix any simple eye prescription but also will fix the variances between different types of Virtual Reality content.


Leave your stress behind and enter this amazing virtual reality!

Order yours now!