BrightMoon - 3D Moon Light

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Are you looking for some fun light to add a touch to your decor?

Or something cool for your children's bedroom?

oDeals24 has this innovative light that you will love!

The BrightMoon - 3D Moon Light!

The BrightMoon -  3D Moon Light is especially and carefully designed to mimic the moon's surface and transform your space into a magical world.

Either you add it on your desk, your family room, your bedroom, the stairways, your nightstand, the living room, you can be sure this BrightMoon -  3D Moon Light, will always be an attraction!



- Solid and lightweight

- Hard and smooth material

- Non toxic

- 100.000 hours' life

- Environment-friendly material

- Control method: toogle switch

- Power: 3 button battery

- 4 colors to choose from: white, yellow, pink, blue

- Diameter: 11cm

The package includes:

1 x 1 BrightMoon - 3D Moon Light


Create your fantasy room!

Order your BrightMoon - 3D Moon Light today!

If you can not decide on the colour, take them all!