10In1™ - Hair Multi Styler

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Save plenty amount of time and start styling your hair comfortably and quickly at home ! It's like having a hair salon in your own home!

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Either you want your hair curly, straight, wavy or just dry. Now, it's possible thanks to 10In1™ - Hair Multi Styler. It will let you dry and style your hair in a variety of elegant and modern styles, you also get to choose from the different options it has to offer you!

It is especially designed to be convenient and suitable for all hair types. Now you can style your hair differently and get a new look every day.

10In1™ - Hair Multi Styler is the perfect product that gives you a professional finishing touch without leaving the comfort of your home.



  • Easy to use: 10In1™ can be used daily. It will make your hair styling a funny task.
  • You can choose from two heat levels and speed settings depending on your hair's nature.
  • 10In1™ helps minimizing heat damages which gives a shiny and healthy look to your hair.
  • It quickly dries your wet hair.

Different components:

  1. Small, middle and large brushes: perfect for combing your hair daily.
  2. Vent brush: ideal to blow dry short to mid-long hair.
  3. Curling wand: for beautiful curls and easy hair styling.
  4. Bang Comb: To help you get hair bangs so easily.
  5. Hair pick: for hair fleeciness.
  6. Finger diffuser: to blow dry your hair with a gentle warm air.

The Package includes:

  • 1x Hair styler
  • 1x Large Hot Air Styler
  • 1x Middle Hot Air Styler
  • 1x Small Hot Air Styler
  • 1x Concentrator Nozzle
  • 1x Vent Brush
  • 1x Hair straightener
  • 1x Curling Wand
  • 1x Bang Comb
  • 1x Hair Pick



Please be sure to choose the right plug before ordering.

Now you can go out with a different look eveyday! Order your 10In1™ - Hair Multi Styler today!