Vibrosonic Tooth Cleanser

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Have the perfect clean teeth with the Vibrosonic Tooth Cleanser!


The high sonic speed vibration enables to remove stains, polish teeth and massage gums easily and effectively.

It also helps to whiten your teeth and it prevents dental plaque.


The Vibrosonic Tooth Cleanser is especially designed to fight against heavy plaque and food deposits. Easy to clean, even tough tobacco, tea and coffee stains.



- 3000 sonic vibrations per minute.

- Sonic vibration help to effectively remove tartar and massage gums.

- Super bright  LED light enables to precisely clean your teeth.


Can be used on:

Crowns, implants, veneers and all kinds of dental work!

Suitable for men, women and children.



To use:

1. Press one time the button, the LED light will be ON

2. Press 2 times, the LED light and vibration will be ON

3. Press 3 times to turn it OFF


Needs 1 AAA Battery (not included)


Finally, no more stains!!!

Order your Vibrosonic Tooth Cleanser now!!!