Roll-Up Drying Rack

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Ever wonder where to drain your washed fruits over the sink?

Now you don't have to, with the Roll-up Drying Rack!


This small Roll-Up Drying Rack is perfect to drain washed fruits and vegetables, lettuce leaves and more...


Also good for washed dishes, cups, glasses...

Just place it on top of your sink and place everything that you need to.


Easy to store, just roll it up and keep it under the sink for easy access when you need it.


The Roll-Up Drying Rack has 2 little tabs on each end where the silicone is that allows you to lock it in place when you rolled it up.


The high quality silicone will stay in place without moving when you place your plates or cups.


The Roll-up Drying Rack has another use as well. It can be used to place your just out of the oven pan or pot to let it cool as it is heat resistant (up to 400F) and stainless steel.


No matter what use you want it for, take yours today!