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This is the Ultimate Cleaner, wet, rub, wipe in no time, with

the MagiCleaner!


Now, you can effectively clean all of your house objects, from metal, porcelain, steel, mirrors, copper, ceramic...

The MagiCleaner will remove stains instantly!  Clean and polish without scratches!

Removes grease and grime!

The MagiCleaner cleans, polishes and protects!


You can literally clean everything you want! Even permanent marker so easily, like magic!



- Cleans deeply

- Removes even the strongest stains

- Polishes

- Restores the sparkle of your objects



- Unbeatable cleaning power

- For outside or inside

- No efforts

- Made of natural products and eco-friendly

- Lemon Fragrance


The pack includes:

1 x MagiCleaner

1 x Sponge 


Tip: After use, let the paste dry before adding the lid!



Be ready to wet, rub and wipe!

Order yours now!