Stain Remover Polisher

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Tired of those stains on certain teeth? Tired of uneven white teeth? 

Don't look further, you found the perfect product!

The Stain Remover Polisher!



With the Stain Remover Polisher you will look like if you just came out from a cleaning session from the Dentist, the difference, you did it at home, you did it yourself!!!

The Stain Remover Polisher works with a rotating cup that brushes your tooth enamel and removes surface stains, commonly cause by coffee, wine, tobacco or soda.


It is specially designed to deeply clean your teeth and will also help to have them whiter.


The small size make it perfect to take it with you, when you travel or wherever you want to have it, at school, in the office...

It is scientifically proven to remove stains and whitening, it is suitable for sensitive teeth and gum.

Cordless, needs 2 AA batteries (not included)

Includes 5 flexible polishing cups that last around 50 polishes

Use it weekly for better results.

12 year and over


To use it, is very easy, just apply a certain amount of paste on the cup, press the ON button and place it on your starting tooth, 

not to hard, the brush will stop if it feels to much pressure, protection system.


Add paste if needed and continue like that for each tooth.

You will be ready for a no stain whiter smile.



Who doesn't want a whiter brilliant smile?

Have yours today!